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welcome to the Cuna San Mateo

Nice that you're here!

We wholeheartedly invite you to get to know the Cuna San Mateo, our sustainability project, guest center and healing home, in the magical mountains of the Sierra Madre of Oaxaca, in southern Mexico.

Welcome to the Cuna San Mateo

Official trailer of the Cuna San Mateo – 2023

Cuna means "cradle" in Spanish. The Cuna is a "cradle of life", which is filled with holistic consciousness (Conciencia), true community spirit (Union), closeness to nature (Naturaleza) and love (Amor) for all living things.


In the Cuna San Mateo we create a nature-loving, communal and self-sufficient living space and a wide community and cooperation network for a new and at the same time very original human existence, in the appreciation of all beings.


With this project we want to create a regionally operating sustainability center in order to make a contribution to a global change towards natural, peaceful and self-determined ways of life.

View of the Cuna San Mateo

The cuna San Mateo ...

After several years of preparing the basic infrastructure, the Cuna San Mateo will finally open its doors this year (winter 2021/22).

It includes a guest center, local initiatives, and the community and research community. These 3 elements together result in a holistic center and model project for sustainable development on a regional and global level: The Cuna San Mateo, the cradle of life, embedded in the magical mountains of the Sierra Madre.

We cordially invite you to dive deeper into this project on these pages, to be inspired and to feel where you might want to contribute yourself.

  • Holistic ecological hostel and seminar center

  • Accommodation in lovingly furnished yurt tents

  • soon also in clay and wooden houses

  • Seminars, health treatments, ceremonies

  • Local sustainability initiatives

  • to protect the ecosystem

  • Building a network of communities and the potential of the region

  • for a self-determined way of life in harmony with nature of people from the region & around the world


Heart-connected and self-sufficient living and research community for

  • holistic peace

  • true humanity

  • and lived Earth Wardenship


Cuna san mateo – first impressions

a model project with impact

The Cuna San Mateo is inspired by many already existing ecological communities and designed as a field of research in which various methods for the realization of a sustainable way of life are practically tested. For the future it is planned to use this globally reproducible model project to inspire other like-minded initiatives and to support them in their implementation - and thus to realize sustainable change in the world together.


In addition, the Cuna San Mateo sets impulses directly in the region: We are in close contact and exchange with the people of the region, learn from them and share our experiences and the concrete effects of sustainable living with them.


Sustainability impulse center Cuna San Mateo

place and surroundings

On these sub-pages you can find out where this project is taking place, in which geographical, climatic location and cultural environment it is embedded. You will experience the beauty of the Oaxaca region, Mexico and learn more about life in the Cuna San Mateo.

Have fun on your little trip to the heart of Mexico.

With the Cuna San Mateo , an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable community of action and living is created with a seminar business, hostel and healing center.

The Cuna is also a holistic center for a solidarity and self-sufficiency network in the San Mateo (Rio Hondo) region.


>> Live like a tree, single and free,
but brotherly like a forest, that is our longing <<

(Nazim Hikmet)

realization of the Cuna san Mateo

The realization of a dream begins with a small step. We like to share with you ... how it all began and above all: what we plan to do, what has already been created, how you can get involved and much more. You get a comprehensive overview:


A dream comes true...

  • Shape, size, direction of the project

  • Schedule & current status of the project implementation (spring 2021)

  • What it takes now to develop the project further

  • How to stay up to date and become part of the Cuna-Tribe
    as a supporter and also on site

  • And: how you can now specifically support the project.


>> Peace is a state of primal equilibrium
which is realized through attitudes,
which are in harmony with the universal creation principles of oneness

Holistic peace work

The heart of the Cuna is holistic peace work, which is based on a deep ecological and holistic understanding of the world. The central core value, namely the ethos of peace, is derived from this.


Ethos of peace ... heart of the peace work of the cuna Project

For us, the ethos of peace is the basis for a coherent inner focus on holistic peace. This includes peace within, peace in the coexistence of people and peaceful coexistence with all beings of nature.

On our association website you can dive deeper into the holistic peace work as we live it in the Cuna.

Link refers to an external website (our society page)

>> Let us together, with all clarity, determination and
our place in the circle of the guardians of life
in trusting cooperation and take of peace. <<

It is time to create the basis for a healthy, free and livable future on our wonderful planet through conscious being, connection and love for all creatures of nature - for all of us and for the following generations.

You are wholeheartedly invited to get to know the Cuna San Mateo and to participate.


In love and solidarity


Carlos F. Miranda

and the Cuna team


Gracias & Bien venidos


Guardian tree of the Cuna San Mateo

magic of th Cuna San Mateo

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