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cuna team

José ramirez lopez (Chepe)

Site manager, organization,
Project coordination on site, Superman

Chepe is our man for everything. He is a construction manager, worker, caretaker and gardener, team leader and superman. We can't imagine what wonders Chepe has done here. He also receives the guests when Carlos is not there and makes sure that everything runs smoothly.


Chepe is the father of 4 wonderful children. His wife Clemencia also works in the posada, and his brother and nephew support him on the construction team.


Eva Kübelsbeck

Board of Directors, Mom & Grandma,
Organization & finance

Eva supported the project from the start with financial investments. Furthermore, she heads the association administration, helps with the organization of projects, does translations and takes care of the finances with passion. Eva lived in Mexico for 10 years and is happy that the Cuna is now starting. In addition, she regularly supplies the entire team with culinary masterpieces.


Carlos Franz miranda

Initiator, board member, project manager, Guardian, visionary

My name is Carlos Franz Miranda and I work as an initiator and project designer for the implementation of the ecological-humanitarian project ̈Cuna de las Estrellas ̈ in Oaxaca, Mexico, described on these pages. I was born in Mexico City in 1980 and have lived in Germany since I was four.


I live with my family on a farm near Wasserburg am Inn and work as a naturopath in my own practice in Munich and Haag in OB.

Since 2009 I have been actively working on the planning and conceptual design for the realization of a self-sufficient community on a property in the southern highlands of Mexico. The aim is to create a natural basis for life in order to initiate and implement targeted, long-term ecological and humanitarian projects in the region from there.

It is a very extensive and complex project that has matured for a long time and is now finally ready to see the light of day.

José Ramirez lopez "chepe"

Carlos Franz MIranda

eva kübelsbeck

Site manager, organization, Project coordination on site, Superman

Initiator, board member, project manager, Guardian, visionary

Board of Directors, Mom & Grandma, Organization & finance

Team Mexico

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Chepe's nephew, persistent craftsman and passionate musician. He shamelessly throws sacks of cement over his shoulder ...




Laura is a passionate perennial gardener and supports our garden team with her knowledge and her eye for blossoming.




Facundo accompanies the project as an initiator and consultant in the field of permaculture. Green fingers through and through, healthy and in a good mood.


Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands






Good soul + gifted cook, mother of 4 children. She keeps Chepe's back free and gives devoted support wherever she is needed




Young craftsmen, gifted football players, Chepe's favorite apprentice.




Juan supports his brother with superpower and a wide range of manual skills.


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Irina, Kathrina and Carolina

Media design, inspiration and loving participation on many levels of the realization of the Cuna Project

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