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Endanabaní – initiatives for life

The word "Endanabani" is a term from the language of the Zapotec culture, the great pre-Columbian people of Oaxaca, and means: "The experience of living".

The Cuna San Mateo is – in addition to a research field for the testing and application of various ways and methods of sustainable living on the property – also an initiative project that is committed to the entire San Mateo Rio Hondo region and here a sustainable solidarity and self-sufficiency network (SAN) builds up.


We want to explore and learn together with the people of the region how truly sustainable living and business can be achieved in harmony with nature.

Sustainability initiatives Endanabaní


In addition, we want to support the emergence of a new and regional form of organization and cooperation by implementing a broad spectrum of sustainability initiatives and networks, which are summarized under the term "Autarke Bioregion San Mateo Rio Hondo" (Bioregión autárquica San Mateo Rio Hondo) can.


The sustainable way of life strived for in the cuna Project and the resulting impulses should benefit both the regional ecosystem, the local community and the people of the region in a comprehensive way in the long term.


Ecological initiatives

Through holistic, ecological initiatives , the project aims to support the protection of the existing ecosystem and increase biodiversity and species diversity in the region.

social and cultural initiatives

Through close cooperation and exchange with the local population and the resulting social and cultural initiatives , we want to create a stable basis of trust between the community of the Cuna San Mateo and the local people, as well as creating holistic work, education and training opportunities.

By creating meeting places and cultural events, we want to make an important contribution to the preservation and enrichment of the existing cultural life.

economic initiatives

We want to launch economic initiatives that help the people of the region to develop alternative work and income opportunities that are ecologically and socially sustainable. In this way, we want to promote regional autonomy and stability in the medium and long term and open up perspectives, especially for the young people in the region, in order to counteract rural exodus.


Overall, we want to make a regional contribution in this way to support the global change towards a livable and sustainable future on our planet earth. We strive for close regional and global networking with similar initiatives and projects.


Here you can find out more about the initiatives and the specific work on site ...

>> Only where there is a clear, shared vision, people can work towards a common goal that is geared towards the well-being of all, despite all personal differences and opinions ... A healthy tomorrow! <<

The vision of the "San Mateo Rio Hondo Bioregion"

The municipality of San Mateo Rio Hondo is an area of ​​approx. 86 km² in the highlands of the southern Sierra Madre Sur.


Around 3500 people live in this area in around 40 different small communities and settlements. The association strives to implement a sustainability design and to found a regional, biological production cooperative in this area, which invites the people living here, through networking, cooperation and ecologically responsible action, within the framework of a new regional identity, a promising and stable livelihood for to secure all residents (including plants and animals) and future generations.


The beautiful village of San Mateo Rio Hondo

Municipio San Mateo.jpg

In order to support this, the association is planning a comprehensive concept design for this bioregion, which will then be implemented in cooperation with other people, sustainability organizations in the area, and the local government through the various initiatives of the association's work.


The concept and the design of the “Autonomous Bioregion San Mateo Rio Hondo” are intended to create a new “vision” of sustainable and comprehensive self-sufficiency on a regional level  create .

In a first step, it is planned to promote the networking of existing farmers and producers through the creation of a production cooperation and to better understand supply, demand and existing potential.

The municipality of San Mateo Rio Hondo

Once the region's need for food and local consumer goods has been determined, further, needs-based projects for ecological cultivation and sustainable production can be started.

All with the aim that the people in the San Mateo Rio Hondo region generate more and more of what they need themselves over the course of time, and that the diverse potentials of the region can be developed and used in a sustainable and cooperative manner for the benefit of all . For a self-determined and healthy "morning", in appreciative abundance and solidarity.

working together

We cordially invite you to help shape a positive, healthy and sustainable vision of life for the San Mateo region and for our wonderful planet!


Your dreams, ideas and projects are valuable and welcome! And they will enrich the local Enadanabí initiatives and make them what they should be: working together for a wonderful "experience of living".


We look forward to hearing from you and allowing us to get to know you, your visions and projects!

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