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When the heart beats and shines for a dream - when we focus our gaze clearly on our goal, then things begin to move, form and come alive.


This is exactly what we experience in the creation of the Cuna San Mateo ... and we are infinitely grateful for every step we have taken along the way.


On this page we tell you the story of the Cuna San Mateo and details of the implementation plan .

The current status can be found on the next page.

Nice that you delve deeper into this heart project.
You are also welcome to contribute yourself or come visit us ... Bien venidos!

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>> Life takes us to the exact places we are meant to be.
It brings us together with the people who dream with us,
and so we dream of reality. <<

How it all started ...


In 2003 Carlos Miranda (initiator and project manager of the Cuna San Mateo) discovered the beautiful highlands of the southern Sierra Madre during a long trip through Mexico.

He sensed and quickly recognized that this region offers ideal conditions for the realization of a self-sufficient basis of life and also for a community project.

A dream is born ...

Just a few months later, in March 2004, there was this unforgettable moment: Carlos signed the purchase agreement for the "Cuna de las Estrellas", the beautiful property near the municipality of San Mateo Rio Hondo, on which the Cuna San Mateo is now being built.

The realization of the Cuna San Mateo project then began in 2010: the vision begins to germinate and the implementation plan emerges. The following comprehensive planning and visioning, also inspired by numerous discussions with local people and sustainability experts worldwide.

At this point, a deep thank you to all souls who contributed decisively to the creation of the Cuna San Mateo through their inspiration and their knowledge.


The first plans of the guest center


Dusk in the Cuna San Mateo

Since 2015 work has been ongoing on the development of the infrastructure and the first buildings of the hostel on the property "Cuna de las Estrellas" ("Cradle of the Stars").

The site manager and main coordinator of the construction work on site is the very valued, long-time friend Jose Ramirez Lopez. He works full-time on site - mostly with a team of changing helpers and employees from the area. 

Carlos and Chepe are in constant contact and plan and coordinate the implementation of all necessary construction measures in order to continue to realize the vision of the Cuna San Mateo.


Dos cabronzitos magicos

>> A great, shining vision has already been followed by many, many
small and large steps <<


The implementation plan

The Cuna San Mateo will be realized through 3 phases of development.

Of course, life on the road always has new ideas - so the implementation plan has and will always adapt dynamically.

development phase i: 2010 - 2020

  • Visioning, project design and planning

  • Design of the permaculture concept, start of implementation

  • Development of the property and construction of the entire basic infrastructure

  • Financing of the first development phase purely from private funds of the project management and through private loans

  • Registration of the non-profit association "cuna Project" (headquarters in Austria) as a legal entity for the project and as the basis for the support group and the crowdfunding campaign.

development phase ii: 2020 - presum. 2025

  • Construction of the "Jardines del Cielo" visitor center in its basic version (accommodation in yurt tents / campsite) with the start of guest operations in winter 2021/22

  • Beginning of the community building process of the "Cuna tribe San Mateo"

  • Development of further building and cultivation areas and infrastructure for the settlement of permanent residents of the community with the start of construction of the near-natural dwellings

  • Foundation of the "Endanabaní" sustainability initiative as a non-profit association based in Mexico

  • Start of sustainability initiatives in the municipality and the region as well as construction of the cultural center in the municipality of San Mateo Rio Hondo

  • Financing of the second development phase through sponsoring members, crowdfunding, investors and income from the guest operations of the eco-hostel

development phase iii

  • Achieving the full size of the guest center with a capacity of up to 40 guests

  • Completion of the main house, the treatment rooms and areas of application of the affiliated healing center

  • Completion of the houses, dwellings and infrastructure for the permanent residents of the community with a maximum number of residents of approx. 30 people

  • Completion of the cultural center in the community

  • Relocation of resources and attention to the implementation of the association's local sustainability initiatives and to the realization of the vision of the self-sufficient "organic region of San Mateo"

  • Financing of the third development phase through supporting members, crowdfunding, investors and income from the guest operations of the eco-hostel


As can be seen from this implementation plan, this project is geared towards long-term and real sustainability. Therefore this project was given time from the beginning to unfold at its own speed and out of its own organic development.

Working together in the evening light

Realization 2015 to the end of 2020:

First steps towards realization 2015 to 2020

All of this has already happened:
A lot has already been achieved on the 14-hectare property, which initially only had footpaths:

  • Construction of an access road to the property of approx. 200 m length

  • Construction of a first clay wooden house (now workshop, later reception and farm shop)

  • Construction of 5 water tanks (capacity approx. 60 000 l)

  • Construction of a 7 meter deep drinking and service water well

  • Plant of several hundred meters of paths on the property

  • Excavation and attachment of a large level for the seminar area with a retention wall

  • Excavation of 6 large and 4 smaller platforms for tents

  • Build a large hut for storing wood and materials

  • Planting of 30 fruit trees and installation of an irrigation system

  • Creation of 5 terraces for the cultivation of vegetables and fruit

  • Complete foundation and roofing of the main house on 3 levels for the first phase of use

  • Shell construction of sanitary facilities with composting toilet system including roofing

  • Shell construction of sanitary clay wooden houses including roofing

What has happened so far ... where we are now in the implementation and what is needed now - we show you all this under Current Status , a page that we keep updating. You can find out how you can specifically support the project and how you can contribute and become part of it under Contribute.

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