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Tribu de la cuna


The community network of the Tribu de la Cuna

With the community network of the `Tribu de la Cuna´, opportunities are to be developed for all people who feel a heartfelt call for a nature-loving and sustainable life in the San Mateo Rio Hondo region (Oaxaca, MEXICO)  to develop independent and sustainable living spaces in the region.

Individuals, families or groups are to be supported in gaining a foothold in the area around the Cuna San Mateo in order to create a new sustainable basis for life or "holiday home" on their own. The association and the local community can support this in a variety of ways and there is also the long-term opportunity for close contact, cooperation and communal togetherness with the core community of Cuna San Mateo and the other members of the community network.

Example of an ecological home

Through the community network of Cuna San Mateo, people from all over the world who long for a sustainable, natural and self-sufficient living space for themselves and their families, find and build this with the support of the association and the community.  


Whether a lot or little financial means, whether for individuals, couples, families or groups,  whether for a temporary or a permanent stay in the magical mountain world of the Sierra Madra  Sur ...


Due to various factors, the dream of community life in harmony with nature can be realized in this region:


  • uncomplicated entry and residence requirements in Mexico

  • diverse and affordable options for land use and land acquisition, including for foreigners (serious options for renting, leasing or buying land)

  • exceptionally low material and labor costs

  • Support from the local international community and the Cuna Project association


Yurt in the forest - example of a living space close to nature in the community network of the Cuna San Mateo

Becoming part of it – coming home

If you feel called by this life vision and the spirit of the Cuna San Mateo and you want to get to know and support the project, we would be very happy to welcome you soon in our guest center `Jardines del Cielo´.

In order to promote the Cuna San Mateo and to receive further comprehensive information on the community network of the 'Tribu de la Cuna' in the San Mateo region, you are welcome to become a supporting member of our sustainability association. In the login area for sustaining members of the cuna project, which will be activated soon, we will find comprehensive information on entry and residence regulations in Mexico, legal framework conditions for leasing and buying land, living and construction costs, on-site medical care, school and educational opportunities and much more.

On the way to a new reality

In this way we can make the dream of a self-determined and sustainable life in harmony with ourselves and nature, for the benefit of all beings, come true together.

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