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Concept of the EndanabanÍ initiatives

The term sustainability is one of the most commonly used concepts today to describe a sustainable economy or way of life. However, this term is often used in a very inflationary way and the profound meaning of truly sustainable ways of living and working is very blurred - and often used as a green label to refresh the image of companies and corporations.

The Enadanabaní initiatives therefore want to research, implement and convey real and holistic sustainability, whereby the three fundamental dimensions of life ecology, social affairs and economy are inseparably linked and understood as building on one another (priority model of sustainability).

This reflects the real state of affairs on our planet, as the ecosystem has existed for hundreds of millions of years without humans, their social structures or their economic activities.Rather, it is the dominant structures of the social and economic dimensions of humanity that are currently driving the global ecosystem to the brink of collapse.




"No economy without society, no society without ecology."

The Endanabaní initiatives are fully geared to this basic understanding, in that all projects with a social and economic dimension always take the ecological level into account. The time for this deep ecological paradigm shift has now come.​


Ecological initiatives

1. Building the ecological community

The first main area of the initiatives is the building of the project base, ie the ecological community of the Cuna San Mateo. The successful implementation and realization of the project basis is so crucial because this ecological community serves as a living model and is visible proof for the people of the region of the feasibility, application and effectiveness of all methods and concepts of a sustainable way of life presented later in the course of the association's work will.


The decisive motto for this first project phase before the implementation of the regional initiatives is therefore: "Walk your talk!"

The task of the project and its members is therefore to create a living and stable microcosm of a sustainable community on the approx. 3.5 ha of land of the "Cuna de las Estrellas" property, which incorporates all the principles of sustainability, permaculture and deep ecology united in itself.

2. Initiatives to protect and regenerate the regional ecosystem

This initiative area is to be implemented in a continuous long-term monitoring process in a project cooperation with regional experts as well as biologists and botanists from Mexican and international universities and environmental protection organizations.

The goal is also an overview of the flora and fauna, including ecological niches and any endemic plant and animal species. Furthermore, a representative recording of any contamination of soil and watercourses, including the main rivers of the region, is planned in order to localize the sources of contamination and to design optimal measures to improve water and soil quality.

Goals of the ecological initiatives

  • Protection and improvement of the water quality of the region

  • Strategies for a sustainable handling of waste and toxic substances

  • Programs for a sustainable restructuring of forestry to protect and preserve the forests as habitats and the last primeval forests in the region

  • Measures to reduce soil erosion in deforested areas with civil reforestation programs

  • Increasing biodiversity through the gradual conversion of regional agriculture to organic farming and permaculture cultivation

  • Formation of an ecological awareness for a sustainable and careful use of natural resources and teaching of deep ecology


3. construction of an ecological training and project center

When the second phase of the project, the construction of the multifunctional cultural center in the village of San Mateo, begins, another basis for the ecological work of the association will be laid: the ecological training and project center.

Clay house 3.jpg

Here, and with the help of mobile teams, the results of the surveys and the monitoring can now be brought closer to the people of the region in a comprehensible way in order to work out feasible solutions and improvement concepts together with them.


The social orientation of the cultural center will play an important role in establishing contact with the local people. The approval and acceptance of the programs should be supported in the best possible way through the constant development of social contacts, which are based on honest friendliness and cooperation.

Sample image ecological culture house

IMG_9683 (1).JPG

social initiatives

True sustainability can only develop and thrive in spaces and fields of activity in which trust and mutual respect in human interaction form the basis for long-term cooperation and cohesion. The creation of exactly such spaces and networks should be created through the diverse social projects of the Intiative Enadanabaní.

Rooms, events and projects ...

... in which open encounters arise and contacts can be made,

... who build trust through open-heartedness, transparency and focus on the common good,

... that promote joy, appreciation and collaborative creativity,

... where art, music and games are at home,

... which promote healthy exchange and communication

... in which solutions for the challenges and conflicts can arise in cooperation.

Planned social initiatives:

  • Design and provision of an open, cross-generational, social encounter andCreative space (Café Cultural and open creative workshop) in San Mateo Rio Hondo

  • Construction of an open cabaret stage for a village theater group, small music concerts, readings,Acrobatics and conscious cinema

  • Promotion of cultural, regional self-confidence through appreciation of the region's cultural heritage and collection, preservation and exchange of regional traditions, handicraft skills, language, music and songs, fairy tales and much more

  • Development of a multimedia and digital culture archive and a culture and sustainability media library

  • Development of holistic advice and assistance for people in the region in need

  • Alternative educational offer in the field of sustainability, self-awareness and personal development

  • Promotion of circle culture through applied alternative communication tools such as speaking stick work, non-violent communication etc.

  • and much more


economic initiatives

Of course, the economic level is very important in human life and is of fundamental importance for the realization of sustainable and self-determined ways of life. It is essential that economic ventures and projects are always developed and implemented in such a way that the ecological and social dimensions of life are fully taken into account.

The economic initiatives are intended to recognize existing potential in the region and find new opportunities for sustainable income, which show that ecological awareness, social integrity and economic entrepreneurship can go hand in hand.


Together with the people of the region, we want to design and implement new employment opportunities, economic ventures and cooperation networks that enable healthy material prosperity for everyone, as well as preserve and regenerate the region's ecosystem and promote social interaction.

Planned economic initiatives:

  • Creation of various diverse jobs and sustainable employment opportunities through the construction of the basic project and the cultural center (craftsmen, gardeners, administration, cooks, maintenance, etc.)

  • Establishment of a creative working group for sustainable development impulses (Creative Solution Hub) in cooperation with the community to develop a long-term strategy in terms of the creation of the Bioregion San Mateo

  • Development of a free training and course offer through the base project and cultural center for alternative ecological cultivation methods, permaculture, regenerative energies, innovative recycling methods, handicraft and handicraft methods and much more

  • Development of a diverse cultivation and production cooperative for coordinated regional self-sufficiency and international sales in order to open up independent earning opportunities and fair trade structures with short distances for the people and families in the region

  • Creation of a regional organic brand (e.g. Organicos San Mateo) and an arts/crafts label (e.g. Arte-Sana San Mateo) in cooperation with professional product designers and sustainability economists as a cross-product trademark of the products of the organic region with corresponding logistics and sales structures

Artesania 2.jpg

Working together

We cordially invite you to be a co-creator of a positive, healthy and sustainable vision of life for the San Mateo region and our wonderful planet!


Your dreams, ideas and projects are valuable and welcome! And they will enrich the local initiatives Enadanabí  and make them what they should be: a joint effort for a beautiful "experience of living".


We look forward to you contacting us and letting us get to know you, your visions and projects.

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