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Cultural environment


The state of Oaxaca is one of the richest in Mexico's diverse cultural landscapes. The large and multi-layered cultural heritage of the many indigenous, pre-Columbian ethnic groups in the region and the various external influences such as from the colonial era and the open-heartedness of the people living here have led to the emergence of a colorful cultural fabric.


Map of the municipalities and ethnic groups
of the state of Oaxaca

Many people in the region are of the Catholic faith, although many influences from the pre-Columbian era in handicrafts, language, music and traditions have survived.

The capital Oaxaca of the state of the same name, about 4 hours away from San Mateo, was once the capital of the Zapotec Empire with the temple of Monte Alban as its center. Today, Oaxaca is a very lively and culturally rich city with a large university district.

The closest cities to the property are Miauhuatlan in the north, approx. 1 hour from San Mateo, and Pochutla in the south near the Pacific.


Monte Alban - the former capital of the Zapotec empire


Oaxaca city, old town

The village San Mateo Rio Hondo is the community center closest to the Cuna San Mateo (approx. 2 km) and the administrative municipality of the region. In this beautiful and peaceful community of 800 people there is a central plaza, restaurants and internet cafés, a primary and secondary school, as well as various shopping options: charming corner shops, which are called Aunt Hila shops here. Here you can buy a lot of local and regional groceries, household goods and also some building materials.

The community life is characterized by a great calm and serenity, as well as a rural way of life. People are usually extremely friendly and warm to travelers. The inhabitants of the mountains here are used to working a lot and also hard, they have kept their pride and their peculiarities as mountain inhabitants.


San Mateo Rio Hondo

Colorful cultural area oaxaca

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