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Crowdfunding campaign 2023


As of July 2023, the Cuna San Mateo project is in the very important final completion phase of the project base (infrastructure and guest center).


The guest center has been closed since May 2023 so that we can now complete all work in a concentrated manner in order to reopen at the end of July 2023 for the resumption of permanent guest operations with 4 finished cabañas and the new sanitary complex. But this final stretch of the road to this fundamental completion has turned out to be more labor and cost intensive than planned.

The massive rate of inflation in Mexico in the area of building materials, an increasingly weakening EURO in relation to the Mexican peso (20% loss in value within 12 months), unforeseeable work steps and technical problems have led to a current financing gap of around €15,000 .

Euro Peso.png

Therefore we are now sending out this call to the circle of friends and supporters of the Cuna San Mateo, with the
Request for financial support
in this crucial project phase

We will finance the following theses through this crowdfunding campaign:

  • Interior of the three Ecolodges ORION (1500 €)

  • Expansion of the capacities of our solar system with new panels and batteries (6000 €)

  • Acquisition and installation of a STAR LINK Systems with appropriate cable routing for fast internet (1500 €)

  • Completion of the second composting toilet-Komplexes with water connections andInterior (3000 €)

  • Completion of the second waste water filter for thenew sanitary complex (1500 €)

  • Repairs and slope stabilization shower house  (€500)

  • Battery sound system for cultural events  (€1000)

Total funding goal: €15,000

>> Where many helping hands and hearts work together,
great things can be achieved 

If you can and want to help the Cuna San Mateo project in this important development phase - and it doesn't matter whether with a smaller or larger amount, because every contribution counts - we are very grateful. We offer three possible "formats" for your support:

Individual funding directly by bank transfer to our Asociations account:

Account holder: CUNA Project

IBAN: BE44 9671 8119 4245


Amount: ... your choice

Intended usage:

Promotion of Cuna San Mateo CF 2023

Loan to our non – profit association:

Instead of a subsidy amount, you can give us within the scope of thisCrowdfunding campaign also give a loan (from 1000 €) – with a customizableDuration. Please contact us using the button below.

funding this cause via Paypal

Paypal fees apply.

>> Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any support <<
>> Gracias de corazon

The power of community - crowdfunding in the Cuna

The Cuna San Mateo is, and has been from the first moment, a vision of community life and work, in which the WE is the key and way to achieve what would be impossible to achieve alone.


The fact that Cuna San Mateo is where it is today is mainly due to the incredible cooperation of many people who follow a common vision in a space of cooperation, trust and transparency and this with their individual energy and their unique skills bring to life ... and of course the support  of the universe.

Thank you, thank you, thank you ... and the journey continues.

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