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Posada La Cuna


welcome to our guest center

 ... how nice that your path has led you to us.

Our guest center offers you

  • exceptional accommodation close to nature

  • A diverse, international cuisine

  • Tours, courses and seminars for body, mind and soul

Here you can let yourself go, come to rest, become one with nature and the mountains - and at the same time the complex project workget to know each other and experience community life and work in a district culture.


Restaurant and center of Posada la Cuna

Impressions from the Posada La Cuna

The Guest Center is a fundamental element of Cuna San Mateo in its entirety.

The income from the guest center will enable the project to be financially independent and to continue to develop . It is our concern to create more than just a hostel: we want to realize a holistic space for self-awareness, community and healing.


our restaurant "Jardines del Cielo"

Come, take a seat in our "Jardines del Cielo" (the Gardens of Heaven) and make yourself at home.Would you like to enjoy an espresso with a view of the cloud games? Or would you prefer a refreshing smoothie? Our organic kitchen offers delicious, international dishes from morning to night.

Take a look at our menu...

Bien venidos y buen provecho!

Property gate

The holistic ecotourism concept of the Cuna San Mateo

The guest center stands for holistic and sustainable eco-tourism that implements, communicates and makes it possible to experience sustainability.


hostel, seminar and healing center in one ...

The guest center opened its doors in February 2022. First of all, the ecological hostel will be available for interested visitors from all over the world and of course our club members.But soon the possibility of accommodation close to nature will be joined by a wide range of seminars and other offers.

At the "Templo de la flor" seminar site , we already have the opportunity to offer our visitors a gradually growing range of courses and seminars ...

Whether morning yoga and Qi-Gong, workshops on permaculture and self-development or shamanic healing ceremonies: An open space for being, learning and developing together, embedded in the wonderful mountain world.


Another part of the vision of the guest center "Jardines del Cielo" is the construction of a holistic healing center , which enables the visitors numerous ways of healing.

The Posada La Cuna for your seminar

We want to open a space for you, or people whom you invite here as part of your work as a seminar leader or teacher for real deep relaxation, which can begin when we feel held and warmly cared for and at the same time we feel free to expand in the vastness of the heaven.


Find whatever nourishes your soul and whatever your body desires.

Be among friends and feel at home ...

>> This peaceful place revealed itself to us
as the cradle of the stars, as the womb of mother earth.
We look forward to sharing this special place with you now <<

fantastic accommodation: our cabañas

The hostel's yurt tents will be joined by magical eco-cabañas in 2023. These are beautiful and individually designed eco-lodges in fully ecological construction, designed as a small self-sufficient nest with its own photovoltaic system, rainwater collection system, composting toilet and shower, small garden - and each with a breathtaking view.

The simple but comfortable buildings nestle into the landscape as natural spaces for security and living close to nature.

Here you can take a look at the planned cabañas - and book your favorite place straight away...

a look into the beautiful cabañas