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Tribu de la cuna


Core community of the Tribu de La Cuna

The community-building process for the slow and organic emergence of a holistic, ecologically oriented community, the core community of the Tribu de la Cuna, will begin on an approx. 3 hectare area of the property in San Mateo from January 2022.


The enchanting area, which is intended for the local part of the community of the Cuna San Mateo, offers the space for a careful and step-by-step construction of various nature-loving homes made of ecological materials for approx. 30 people, which are continuously or seasonally on site Life.

Enchanted mud huts, tree houses, earth domes, yurts and tipis ... offer space for a lively community, peaceful security and free development opportunities, embedded in the mountain forest - a new home for a new togetherness.

Example of an ecological home in the Cuna San Mateo

Concentric circles of life-structure and structure of the community

So that this community can develop in a lively, sustainable and peaceful way in the long term, people who feel called to this kind of coexistence in this place need both the time to get to know each other and the lifestyle in this country in peace, as well as the Space to experience the necessary individual and community development processes.

At the center of the community is not a person or a group, but the awareness of the original unity and connectedness of all aspects of creation - and the resulting leitmotifs of the ethos of peace and the principles of sustainability.

'Rainbow Tribe' collaboration by Kuba Am

Around this center there will be a circle of people, the circle of the guardians of the Cuna, who will fully choose a way of realizing these principles in their own being and acting.

the way to a "We"

The community building process of the core community includes the following levels:

  • A clear, conscious space and process for the emergence of togetherness, based on a common consensus: a continuous individual orientation towards the peace-building attitudes as described in the ethos of peace and an ongoing communal orientation in life and work on the principles of Sustainability.

  • Organic growing together of the community with defined steps , which are geared towards the medium and long term: Getting to know each other and staying on site, phases of living and working together for several months to test the response in everyday life, long-term decisions for living together and working in a community with clear Agreements and orderly procedures for entries and exits.

  • Conception and construction of a series of ecologically self-sufficient dwellings of different types for private areas as well as community development of the agricultural cultivation areas designed according to permaculture principles for the self-sufficiency of the community.

Soon we will publish further details on the planned structure and organization of the core community `Tribu de la Cuna´.

learning Lively Peace

The heart of the core community of the "Tribu de la Cuna" will be the common direction and decision of all permanent and temporary members to explore and experience peaceful communal life and work. In this way, understanding can be regained in a lively and holistic way, the ability can be developed and healing can be experienced,  that it takes to lead a life in peace - peace within, peace in interpersonal relationships and peace in dealing with all of our fellow creatures.


The ethos of peace and the principles of sustainability , as described on the website of the supporting association cuna Project , will serve as the universal leitmotif of peace-building humanity and as guidelines for the implementation of a profound change in sustainability. These are attitudes and guidelines for the realization of holistic peace work based on the sacred geometry of the flower of life.

CUNA PROJECT - Blossom - Yellow.png
Adhesive film_Metatrons_W-rfel_18_cm94Z78bsbQe2w2_600x600_edited.png

But these compilations and guidelines alone would become static if we did not fill them with life through a sincere pursuit of inner awareness and healing of ourselves and all of our relationships.

With the " Path of the Flower ", the core community of the "Tribu de la cuna" will follow an authentic and lively path to get together  to explore and learn how communal living in peace can be realized in the long term.

Bees Cooperation.jpeg

It is not about a "superficial harmony" or an external "green glow",  but about the development and establishment of a holistic "culture of peace". This understands the emergence of individual problems and inter-human tensions as an important development and healing process that is welcomed and understands the burning ecological and social issues as a challenge for a profound learning process of being human.

It is about creating a culture of appreciative and cooperative togetherness in which individual and collective needs can be reconciled. To do this, tools and methods are used  in order to find peace - as a state of equilibrium - again and again in the dynamic play of polar forces.

So that this community can develop in a lively, sustainable and peaceful manner in the long term, people who feel called to this kind of coexistence need the time and space to get to know each other and the lifestyle in this country in peace.


Should you feel a resonance with the life vision described above, including the ethos of peace and the principles of sustainability , then we cordially invite you to get to know the Cuna San Mateo and to contact us. We look forward to welcoming you personally to our guest center `Jardines del Cielo´ soon.

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