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Tribu de la cuna


Volunteering in La Cuna


For everyone who would like to contribute their energy and gifts to the project and be part of the community in the Cuna for a while, we offer the possibility of a medium and long-term stay as a volunteer.

Working together for a peaceful, sustainable and free future and learning new things at the same time... Meeting like-minded people and finding space for creative impulses and ideas... Interpersonal encounters and togetherness around the campfire under the stars...  and everything within clearly structured agreements and processes...


That's Volunteering in La Cuna San Mateo!

The Cuna San Mateo is a very comprehensive and multi-layered project. In many areas, active support for the operation and further development of the project is very welcome and necessary.We would be happy to introduce you to the different areas and formats in which you can volunteer as a temporary member of the Cuna community.

Effective areas and formats

  • Guest center restaurant (kitchen, counter and service)

  • Guest center/hostal(Guest care, cleanliness, marketing)

  • Permaculture gardens(Care and harvest, gardening, feeding animals, etc.)

  • Construction and crafts (Buildings, Structures, Furniture, Crafts)

  • Holistic health offers for guests (Yoga, breathwork, Qi-Gong and martial arts, herbal and wilderness knowledge, etc.)

  • Volunteering Format I(Gen. Assistant, 16 h of work / week, accommodation, 300 MXP contribution towards expenses / week, min. 2 weeks)

  • Volunteering format II(Gen. Assistant, 20 hours of work/week, accommodation, 100 MXP contribution towards expenses/week, min. 4 weeks)

  • Volunteering Format III(Expertise , 24 hours of work/week, accommodation, 2 meals on 4-5 days/week,  min. 4 weeks)

  • Yoga teacher volunteering (for yoga teachers etc., 12 yoga lessons for guests / external visitors, accommodation, min 1 week)

For longer stays, it is possible to change from one format to another by arrangement (e.g. changing from Format I to Format II after 2 weeks.)

You can download the general volunteering agreement of Cuna San Mateo as a PDF using the button below. If you are seriously interested in volunteering in the Cuna, please read the agreement carefully to be able to decide whether this framework for a stay as a volunteer appeals to you and whether you agree to it.

If you feel called to contribute yourself, your skills, your work to the Cuna San Mateo: Bien venidos! Welcome.

It's best to write to us straight away using the contact form.
We look forward to seeing you from the bottom of our hearts.

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