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the property

About 2 km from the town of San Mateo Rio Hondo, heading south you can reach the property via a drivable forest path, named "Cuna de las Estrellas" ("Cradle of the Stars").


The Cuna is literally at the end of the street ...



The Cuna – cradle of the stars"

The plot of land for the realization of the Cuna San Mateo has an area of approx. 5 hectares (part of the total property with approx. 14 hectares). It has a height difference of approx. 80 meters from the lower edge of the property to the highest part. It is about 2300 meters above sea level on a sheltered south-facing slope - an excellent location for habitats and cultivation areas.

From the property there is an impressive view of the valley below with its two rivers and the surrounding mountains.

Since the cultivation of maize was stopped on this property about 30 years ago, a young, species-rich mixed forest, interspersed with bush plants, herb and flower meadows, has developed. This environment offers an ideal habitat for a breathtaking variety of insects, small mammals, larger wild animals and reptiles.

>> Let us together, with all clarity, determination and
our place in the circle of the guardians of life
in trusting cooperation and take of peace. <<

The property of the cuna

In the middle of the property run two watercourses covered with dense vegetation, from which fresh spring water rises at about half the height of the property. The water supply is supplemented by an extensive rainwater collection system.

The relief has a complex structure. There are numerous, flat plateaus and also various steeper slope sections.

This gives the whole property a very diverse appearance and characteristics - and at the same time shapes the planning of the infrastructure of all buildings and the permaculture cultivation areas.

So far there have been 5 terraces for growing fruit and vegetables

We look forward to the first harvest in 2021!

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