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become part of the cuna project & participate ...

Spread the word


Support the Cuna San Mateo in the realization by forwarding the website to possible interested parties in your personal network and by sharing it via social media.


Thank you for telling others about it and sharing the dream ...

Our Telegram channel:
Our YouTube channel (under construction)


Keep in touch

Stay in touch with us by signing up for our newsletter and subscribing to the Cuna Telegram channel. Here we share the latest developments and events in the Cuna with you.

We also cordially invite you to contact us directly to share suggestions, thoughts and feedback with us. You are sure to have wonderful ideas and inspiration - that is exactly what this project lives from, from working and growing together. Feel free to contact us to act as a creative co-creator.


We look forward to you!


Support the Cuna San Mateo directly with the realization through financial support.

Of course, right now (beginning of the 2nd development phase), the Cuna San Mateo is dependent on additional financial resources for rapid further development. We have created a number of ways in which you can also support this "Project for Life" financially ...


All financial donations are handled by the "Cuna Project" sponsoring association. The links to the donation forms therefore automatically redirect you to the association website


Payments by WISE

Payments by WISE Our partner in the finance sector is Wise-Bank, based in Belgium, which offers a simple online payment system similar to PayPal. This modern online bank specializes in international transfers and online payments, and is fully secured and FCA certified.

Our bank account
Recipient: Verein cuna Project, WISE Bank (Belgium)

IBAN: BE44 9671 8119 4245

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one-time grant

If you would like to support us, you can send us a funding amount of your choice via WISE or by bank transfer

If you like, you can choose for yourself what we use your donation for: Here you can see what our on-site team is currently working on and what is currently needed. You then simply enter this in the subject of your payment.


Supporting membership in the cuna Project Association

It is a huge support for us when you become a sponsoring member of the cuna Project Association and contribute to solid basic financing with a regular sponsoring membership fee of 150 euros / year or 14 euros / month.

As a support association member ...

  • you are part of the support group and support the continuous development of the Cuna San Mateo or other association projects.

  • you have the opportunity to purchase vouchers and redeem them for accommodation / meals / other offers when visiting the Cuna San Mateo.

  • You get access to the members area , in which we gradually provide content and videos: for holistic peace work, sustainable system change, etc.


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Link refers to an external website (our club page)

Loans as a green investment

Invest in sustainability and positive global change in the form of a loan for the cuna Project Association, on request also on a project basis.

You can see a sample loan agreement here


Cuna Project Template Loan Agreement

We see this as a special opportunity for everyone involved: The development of the Cuna San Mateo is advancing it in great strides. For you as a lender, it means a sensible, ecological investment - with a 2% interest rate if you wish.

Please feel free to contact us directly.


visit us on site


Of course, we wholeheartedly invite you to come to the wonderful mountains of Oaxaca and experience with body and soul what a beautiful and healing place the Cuna San Mateo is.


>> Visit us as a guest in the hostel from the winter season 2021/22
We will inform you of the exact opening date via our newsletter.

>> Come as a volunteer to the Cuna San Mateo and bring your creativity with you on site. We will shortly be advertising 4 - 6 volunteer places. For food & lodging you will experience working and working together in community.

>> Be the professional we need. Contact us if you would like to contribute your special skills as a creative co-creator. We are looking for inspiring experts in the following areas : garden design, landscaping, sustainable building, permaculture, art for the Cuna ...



It would be wonderful if you supported and contributed to this project.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every kind of affection and inspiration - for your very own contribution.

In solidarity and gratitude
Your Cuna team

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