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economic initiatives

1. Creation of various diverse jobs and sustainable income opportunities by setting up the basic project and the culture house (craftsmen, gardeners, administration, cooks, maintenance, etc.)

2. Establishment of a creative working group for sustainable development impulses (Creative Solution Hub) in cooperation with the municipality to develop a long-term strategy in terms of the creation of the San Mateo bioregion

3. Development of a free training and course offer through a basic project and culture house for alternative ecological cultivation methods, permaculture, regenerative energies, innovative recycling methods, craft and handicraft methods and much more

4. Establishment of a diverse cultivation and production cooperative for coordinated regional self-sufficiency and international sales in order to open up independent income opportunities and fair trade structures with short distances for the people and families in the region

5. Creation of a regional organic brand (e.g. Organicos San Mateo) and an arts and crafts label (e.g. Arte-Sana San Mateo) in collaboration with professional product designers and sustainability economists as a cross-product trademark for the products of the organic region with corresponding logistics and sales structures

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