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Local initiativesSustainabilityCooperative

Social initiatives

1. Design and provision of an open, cross-generational, social meeting and creative space (Café Cultural and open creative workshop)

2. Construction of an open cabaret for a village theater group, small music concerts, readings, acrobatics and conscious cinema

3. Promotion of cultural, regional self-confidence through appreciation of the cultural heritage of the region and collection, preservation and exchange of regional traditions, handicraft skills, language, music and chants, fairy tales, and much more

4. Development of a multimedia and digital culture archive and a culture and sustainability media library

5. Development of holistic advice and assistance for people in the region in need

6. Alternative educational opportunities in the field of sustainability, self-awareness and personal development.

7. Promotion of the district culture through applied alternative communication tools such as speaking staff, non-violent communication, etc.

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