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cun a San Mateo

Oaxaca ~ Mexico

What it takes ...


After many years of patient construction, the Cuna San Mateo will finally open its gates in autumn 2021 to take up guest operations and initiate the community building process.

But before this can happen, some important construction measures have to be implemented.

The following projects are pending in order to be able to open the hostel:

  • Interior construction of a medical supply house with composting toilets

  • Interior construction and water-heat installations of the clay shower houses

  • Completion of the 1st phase of the construction of the 1st community house / restaurant / hostel kitchen with floor laying and interior work

  • Installation of several other small water tanks

  • Construction and connection of biological water treatment systems for large kitchens and sanitary facilities

  • Installation of the photovoltaic system with distribution system

  • Construction of the food storage room and the material and luggage storage house of the hostel with greenhouse installation on the roofs

  • Construction of some paved paths and stairs

  • Satellite-based telephony and internet system with computer, printer, etc. for

  • Communication and administration

  • Furniture and equipment of the open-air restaurant

  • Furniture and equipment for the yurt guest tents

  • Construction of a wooden fence approx. 1.80 meters high over a length of 160 m

  • Completion of sanitary houses with water installations, solar heat collector and interior work

  • Completion of the 1st phase of the construction of the communal main house with restaurant and kitchen with interior clay plaster, kitchen equipment and installation of a photovoltaic system for the main house

So far, the entire project has been financed from private funds from the project management and other project members, as well as from private loans and supported by a small core group. The cuna-Project San Mateo is now entering the crowdfunding phase in order to mobilize the funds for the implementation of the construction work that is still missing.

In addition to financial resources, the project also needs further support such as specialist knowledge, networking and, of course, inspired hearts and helping hands on site.

WHAT you can do now:


Support the cuna project with the publication by forwarding the website and the crowdfunding campaign to possible interested parties in the personal network and by sharing it via social networks


Become a member of the Cuna-Projekt Verein and the Cuna-Tribes and work as a networker, sponsor and creative co-creator on site or remotely and stay informed by subscribing to the newsletter.


Support the cuna Project directly with the realization through financial support

  • with a one-time grant (from 5 euros)

  • as supporting members in the cuna Project Association
    (Sponsoring membership fee 111 euros / year)
    As a club member ...

  • by purchasing a voucher that you can redeem on site within the club's offers (e.g. accommodation, meals, seminars, treatments ...)

  • with a project-related major funding contribution of EUR 5,000 or more, e.g. as part of a CoCreator contribution, which includes special visiting and usage rights, as well as direct participation in the funded project area


Since the cuna Project association is currently in the registration phase, financial support for the project can only be sent directly to us via PayPal at the moment.

If you would like to support the cuna project financially now, you can carry out your funding via PayPal here. You will then receive a corresponding confirmation of funding by email. Please send us a short email or a message using the contact form.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for small, large or whatever kind of support!

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