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cun a San Mateo

Oaxaca ~ Mexico

Current status

Since 2015, the infrastructure for the opening and realization of the cuna project has been continuously built on the property in San Mateo de Rio Hondo.

In addition, the buildings and terraces for the guest center with eco-hostel, seminar and healing center "Jardines del Cielo" have been under construction since 2018.


The construction manager and main coordinator of the construction work on site is the long-standing and highly esteemed Jose Ramirez Lopez, who implements the planning on site and works there full-time in close cooperation with us, sometimes with changing helpers.

All of this has already happened ...

The following projects have now been implemented on an area of ​​5 hectares, on which there were initially only trails:

  • Construction of an access road to the property of approx. 200 m length

  • Construction of the first clay wooden house (now workshop, later reception and farm shop)

  • Construction of 5 water tanks (capacity approx. 60,000 l)

  • Construction of a 7 meter deep drinking and utility water well

  • Creation of several hundred meters of paths on the property

  • Excavation and fastening of a large level for the seminar space with retention wall

  • Excavation of 6 large and 4 smaller platforms for tents

  • Construction of a large hut for the storage of wood and materials

  • Planting 30 fruit trees and setting up an irrigation system

  • Creation of 5 terraces for growing vegetables and fruits

  • Complete foundation and roofing of the main house on 3 levels for the first phase of use

  • Shell construction of sanitary facilities with composting toilet system including roofing

  • Shell construction of sanitary clay wooden houses including roofing

  • Construction of a clay-wood chicken coop for approx. 20 free-range chickens

  • Construction of the main entrance gate to the property

The following projects are targeted for completion by October 2021:

  • Construction of a wooden fence approx. 1.80 meters high over a length of 160 m

  • Completion of sanitary houses with water installations, solar heat collector and interior work

  • Completion of the 1st phase of the construction of the communal main house with restaurant and kitchen with interior clay plaster, kitchen equipment and installation of a photovoltaic system for the main house

  • Construction of the storage complex with pantry, material store and locker building for visitors

  • Greenhouse system for cultivation and cultivation

In order to achieve these planning goals and so that the hostel "Jardines del Cielo" can start operations in 2021 and open its gates for guest operations, the cuna project now needs further financial resources and supportive networking.

The first crowdfunding phase will begin in May 2021. This is a project for the great community of life. May the community help this project to its "birth" in this crucial phase.

If you would like to support the Cuna Project San Mateo, you can find out more under "What it takes".

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